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Fairy Tale









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They’re still looking for me. I don’t know where to go! They’re right on my tail and there’s really nothing I can do. I look behind me and they’re close behind. I turn my head back around and continue to run in the direction I was going. I turn my head again and see that they’re gone. I smile to myself a bit and begin to slow down to a slight jog.

I kept jogging for a bit until I reached a dark corner. I ran between all of the four story buildings and rested in a spot where I wouldn’t be seen. I caught my breath and began the painful journey of running between buildings again. I turned the corner into an even darker alley. Dead end. I turned around and they were there. I backed up against the brick wall. There was no way around them. They stepped closer to me. One by one.

I shut my eyes and squatted down whilst hugging my knees. I thought about shooting straight up into the sky to escape. I slowly felt myself being lifted and I straightened out my body. I opened my eyes and looked down. I was above their heads and they just looked at me. They shot at me, but the bullets went straight through me. No damage done…to me anyway.

A slow smile came about on my face whilst I looked down at their wide eyes. They knew I wasn’t normal. Well, I’m not. I looked back up and shot up into the sky leaving a trail of red light in my pathway. I stopped when I was hundreds of feet up in the air. Then I sped off toward nowhere in particular. I had a head start, but it’s not long before they find me…again.
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