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What are the stories?

The short story is a prose epic unit, which has a shorter range than for example a novel. Stories have their main features, such as simple process and no changes in the nature of the main characters. If you write erotic stories, the plot should not be deprived of the love scenes. The roots of storytelling goes back to ancient times of the narrative tradition. However, for the period of the genre beginning is considered nineteenth century.


Erotic stories arose much later, that is related to Puritan society. Erotic stories, also known as the Red Library, or love stories are sought after by young couples who are looking for inspiration for their partner life.

The story line

Stories are focused on one storyline. Each story usually ends with punchline, but it is not the rule.


During the twentieth century, the story became one of the most popular genre all around the world.


Stories, however, have limited scope of real life, so you may sometimes seem them uninteresting, depending on the author who write a story. It is necessary to insert into it a little bit of imagination at least.

Detective stories

If you prefer detective stories, then you should know that their founder was Edgar Allan Poe, who is a significant writer and also included in school reading lists. According to him, story could be defined as a short story of symmetrical prose, which opposes the novel.


Other important writers of short stories include Ernest Hemingway, Roald Dahl, Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol and Anton Chekhov. Among the Czech authors we should mention such writers as Karel Capek, Jan Neruda and Jaroslav Hasek.


Among the neglected stories of the most famous writers are erotic stories, there are very few compared to stories on other topics.


If you do not want to read a long novel, then start with narratives that are shorter and have their heart in the same timeline. Among the most popular topics of stories are humorous stories. A typical representative of such stories among the authors is Jaroslav Hasek.

We recomend

STORIES stories not only about love and friendship


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Erotic stories

Stories are referred as erotic if they contain a love scene. Erotic stories on the site PeopleLovePeople are always polite and try to not contain vulgar or offensive words.


Once an important philosopher said that erotic stories are spices of every relationship and contribute to the diversification of each couple's love life. Read erotic stories you and your partner will appreciate it.

Detective stories

When one says a detective story, everyone imagines murders and investigations. Well it is not simple like that. Theme issues of detective stories are far more variable. Perhaps thats is because this kind of stories so popular.


Detective stories in the modern world try to get rid of all the constraints that define the genre, and try to create an entirely new direction. Traditional stories, in which inspector search for crime offender are taking a new shape. But it is not a negative aspect. On the contrary, the story and the genre revives.


The story blends mystery, suspense and surprise. A typical example is the anthology of "Best American Detective Stories III", written by Jeffery Deaver. He published already thirteenth volumes in the United States.

favorite authors of detecive stories

Detective stories by Jeffery Deaver are not typical ones, in which the murderer was convicted and gradually revealed. Untypical elements of detective stories are used. Do you think that Smoking Mountain of Philippines Clark Howard is a detective story? In the story, newly released prisoner commits a felony, because of his girl and wants to ensure own children a better future by his actions.


Also admirable is the story Dear Husband by Joyce Carol Oates. The story that perfectly conceived as a psychological study of an overloaded mothers and neglected wife. The detective story is filled with a lot of topics, whether the story of mystery, murder or investigation.


These days, telling interesting stories is very popular and are read by both younger and older people. Psychological elements are often interesting and made some original stories for sure. The author in his book reveals his/her psychological way of thinking and emphasize the thought of criminals.

Stories are for everyone

The short story is epic unit in prose, which is typical for its shorter range than a novel. Stories are written in simple nature and the main character is immutable and does not develop, as it is usual in the case of the novel. They often take place in one timeline. This genre has its roots in ancient times of narrative tradition, but nineteenth century is considered as the origin age of of short stories genre.


Each short story should end with punchline, anyway it is not the rule. Once critique of realism started, short stories began to expand and have gained great popularity during the twentieth century, becoming the most popular genre in the whole world.


The short stories are filled with fantasy and often blend with authors own experience. According Nebula Price stories are defined as the work up to 7.500 words. We will meet with the so-called photo story, which is supplemented by photographs, that are connected with the actual story. You can also focus on detective stories and the founder of it Edgar Allan Poe, who is also classify in the school reading lists. Karel Capek, Jan Neruda and Jaroslav Hasek are known in the Czech literature for their short stories.


The modern detective story is very popular among readers, where mystery and investigation of crime is not the only bearing theme. The detective stories are also viewed from a psychological point of view, when the author focuses on the psychology of crime. The authors differ from the classic detective stories, thus giving a new direction to the genere.


If you do not prefere long, intertwined stories of novels, and you failed to take even novella, genres shorter than a novel? Then you could like stories that are smart and have a simple storyline. Stories are not only easy to read but also not so difficult to write.

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