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STORIES stories not only about love and friendship


Laser cutters can provide your business with a fast and efficient way to cut, etch and engrave items. Cutting and engraving projects with a Sculpfun laser is more precise, cleaner than most other cutting techniques, and requires less deburring or finishing after cutting...
Laser engraving at home or in the office is now an easy thing to do. Laser engraving was once the preserve of industrial manufacturers, and with the advent of small engraving machines, it is now a small business, product designer, manufacturer, and hobby A common and gr...
A wifi jammer can be a useful tool for snooping on other people’s wifi networks. There are several types of WiFi blockers on the market, ranging from 2.4GHz jammers to 5GHz jammers. Available device types can be desktop or portable. But in general, these devices are des...
The commercial use of drones has raised concerns among ordinary citizens. These concerns lie in privacy and public nuisance. Drones have taken over aviation, making air traffic even more complicated.Drones come in a variety of shapes, sizes, configurations and featu...
Are you fascinated by drones?Self-driving car technology has come a long way since rovers landed on Mars. Today, aerial drones are used for more than just military purposes; there are more for consumers. The number of drones in the United States has shown an explosi...
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Escape rooms are tricky and highly challenging real-life games. They are designed intricately with acute precision to test the team players in every possible manner. Even though people love to indulge in an escape room, there is the smallest amount of fear of not escapi...
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“Am I dismembered yet? Am I dismembered yet?” she cried every time I walked past the painting that was hanging on the wall, utterly frightened, pleading me to give her the answer she didn´t want to hear... The answer she already knew... And yet she uttered that question...
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