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STORIES stories not only about love and friendship


My finger traced letters across the fog covered mirror, as was my nightly ritual. “Love You Babe! XOXO.” Pleased with my work, I grabbed my towel and wrapped it around myself. A cold burst of air met me as I opened the door and stepped out of the bathroom. As I wa...
Before we start I want you to know that before you, I was not living a good life. I partied. I drank. I slept around. I tried every kind of drug you could imagine. I needed that rush. That escape from reality. But for you, I gave all of that up. I mended relationshi...
Once upon a time, in a land far far-Whoa, Whoa. Hold up. This is my story. A story about a regular girl, just like any number of you out there. There will be no "Once Upon A Time," the time is now. And at the end, there will be no "Happily Ever After," because e...
"Come on Melody! Hit it out the park!" My best friend Elizabeth shouted at me. I was caught up in the sweet spring breeze and the sun beating down. Baseball was my first love, and everyone's favorite recess activity. I swung my bat and heard that sweet crack as I sprint...
I stood on the edge of oblivion and looked down. As I shifted my feet, I could feel the ground crumble beneath me. But I was not afraid. For as soon as the earth fell into the blackness it was once again beneath my feet. I struggled to figure out what I was sta...
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They’re still looking for me. I don’t know where to go! They’re right on my tail and there’s really nothing I can do. I look behind me and they’re close behind. I turn my head back around and continue to run in the direction I was going. I turn my head again and see tha...
*this is just a piss takke so don't take offence. It's just a bit of fun!* Once upon a time, there was a litter girl whose street name is Little Red. She was sent to prison when she was three years old for drug trafficking. Now that she is out of the joint, s...
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She silently walked down the alley, dreading the alone feeling surrounding her. Silence made her fear everything. Everywhere she looked, she saw nothing but dark, abandoned buildings. Different shadows portrayed different colours and shades of deepened greens, blues, br...
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Life for a thirteen year old is very challenging if you’re not the ideal person everyone expects you to be. It’s probably not the worst time in your life but it's that age that you remember because you're going through that stage. The stage where you are one half child ...
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