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STORIES stories not only about love and friendship


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Your mother called me after you went missing, asking if I knew anything they should know. There aren’t a lot of places to hide in Victorsville, and she was worried because no one had seen you since the night before. It was four in the afternoon by then and growing dark ...
When they found me, it was already too late. I had swallowed all of the pills. It felt nice. I was laying in my bed and I could finally dream. I dreamt about before. I was happy. I was my old self. I was free, but then something happened. I could feel again. I felt the ...
It's right about ten o'clock. Sunny cloudless sky is promising very nice day. Mrs. Blurgen is returning from her shopping. She wears a skirt, blouse and funny hat, all of it with her favorite pattern of flowers. Although she is already over sixty, a lot of younger ladie...
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The car passed one tree after another, Lucy was watching idly the chestnut trees on the side of the road through a car window. The branches swayed in the breeze. Peter's face was focused in expression like he's well-aware of that the fate both his and his wife is in his...
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Calm of the bobbing in the local woods is real balm for the soul. Leaves are dancing in the wind and the sounds of frisky forest animals illustrates perfectly the atmosphere of peaceful forest. Roads like losing track of own purpose. They start somewhere and soon disapp...
I can’t keep going back to him anymore. I can’t stay locked in my room all day hiding. People noticed the change. They noticed the bruises along my arms. The ones on my neck. With just the slightest touch, they hurt. I can’t run my fingers over them or even bare to glan...
How is it that things could change in the blink of an eye? It’s not possible is it? Everything was fine. Everything was the way it’s always been. Then it just changed. All of it. Micah and I were happy. We were together for three years. I was in love with him, and h...
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The most intense memories are not encouraged by eyes but by other senses especially smell, taste or touch. If I experience something the event is associated with the current smell. If I feel that smell later I can remember the experience.House of my childhood do...
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Watchtower on Hell peak is a sprout of woody cubism on ground elevation 487 of iberian hilldiabolical mostly by its name.On the north foothillthe Hell itself lieswhile mosco just few miles southwestpokes alongThe theme of the ...
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