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STORIES stories not only about love and friendship


I fell asleep in Jonah’s arms. He never left my side. The only time he did was because the doctor had to run a few tests. Then again when the police came. I finally did it. I reported Micah. He’s probably going to jail. I don’t know all of the details. I don’t want to k...
We looked at each other for a while. This right here is the first time in months that I’ve seen him. He’s so different.“I know this is a stupid question, but how are you? Really?” he finally said to me.“I’m better…” I said my voice cracking.“No really? How a...
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Darryl breaks a rule. An unwritten one, but he knows — don’t eat the goldfish. Unless you want to quarrel with the Virgin Mary herself, you have to follow her rules. Her house, her rules. That’s what he calls her, the Virgin Mary. She says the boy isn’t his, isn...
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The last three beers from Joe’s poker game wanted their freedom so I hauled my butt out of bed and headed for the john. Had to pass through the kitchen and there he was, ass against the counter, arms folded on his chest, one ankle crossed over the other. At ease, lookin...
Even on the first day, you couldn't keep your eyes off me. Every morning you would whistle that tune that told me that you were on your way. Everyone thought you were a nice man and didn't want you to leave when Mrs Norberry came back from having her baby. But it was th...
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Your mother called me after you went missing, asking if I knew anything they should know. There aren’t a lot of places to hide in Victorsville, and she was worried because no one had seen you since the night before. It was four in the afternoon by then and growing dark ...
When they found me, it was already too late. I had swallowed all of the pills. It felt nice. I was laying in my bed and I could finally dream. I dreamt about before. I was happy. I was my old self. I was free, but then something happened. I could feel again. I felt the ...
It's right about ten o'clock. Sunny cloudless sky is promising very nice day. Mrs. Blurgen is returning from her shopping. She wears a skirt, blouse and funny hat, all of it with her favorite pattern of flowers. Although she is already over sixty, a lot of younger ladie...
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The car passed one tree after another, Lucy was watching idly the chestnut trees on the side of the road through a car window. The branches swayed in the breeze. Peter's face was focused in expression like he's well-aware of that the fate both his and his wife is in his...
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