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Fairy Tale









What I did for flying the globe no peace and quiet she’s good listener with her headset if he was anyone to make a bet?? He would throw her off the plane. He seems like the intelligent guy but he clenched his fist in his lap losing it should have been Varsity quickly. G...
My finger traced letters across the fog covered mirror, as was my nightly ritual. “Love You Babe! XOXO.” Pleased with my work, I grabbed my towel and wrapped it around myself. A cold burst of air met me as I opened the door and stepped out of the bathroom. As I wa...
Once upon a time, in a land far far-Whoa, Whoa. Hold up. This is my story. A story about a regular girl, just like any number of you out there. There will be no "Once Upon A Time," the time is now. And at the end, there will be no "Happily Ever After," because e...
I stood on the edge of oblivion and looked down. As I shifted my feet, I could feel the ground crumble beneath me. But I was not afraid. For as soon as the earth fell into the blackness it was once again beneath my feet. I struggled to figure out what I was sta...
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The car passed one tree after another, Lucy was watching idly the chestnut trees on the side of the road through a car window. The branches swayed in the breeze. Peter's face was focused in expression like he's well-aware of that the fate both his and his wife is in his...
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Calm of the bobbing in the local woods is real balm for the soul. Leaves are dancing in the wind and the sounds of frisky forest animals illustrates perfectly the atmosphere of peaceful forest. Roads like losing track of own purpose. They start somewhere and soon disapp...
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The most intense memories are not encouraged by eyes but by other senses especially smell, taste or touch. If I experience something the event is associated with the current smell. If I feel that smell later I can remember the experience.House of my childhood do...
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Leo was a little boy who played at his parent´s garden every day all day long. His mother has gone to work that day so it was Leonard's grandmother who took care of him.Leo´s grandmother was an old woman with long silky hair, she was full of energy and joy. She...
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Where do all the lonely people go to?It´s dark. Completely. All windows are blurred, all the lights turned off. Even the street lamps not issue its muted, greenish glow. Obscure town waiting for the bombers. Not even a moon doesn’t shine for me. I am passing l...
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nick   Smart, ambitious, always on the lookout for exotic call girls from exotic namibi...
nick   Jsem laskavá a starostlivá žena, vášnivá a bezstarostná, velmi se starám o blaho...
nick   I am a simple person and believe in honesty and transparency in relationship. I ...
nick   I am a simple person and believe in honesty and transparency in relationship. I ...
nick   I am a good looking girl caring, loving and understanding. I am a very humble gi...
nick   I know how to get bored alone, I am looking for someone with whom I will not be ...
nick   I wish to meet my soulmate and life partner, i don't know what will be, But i am...
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