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Fairy Tale









Dream On, Believer
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Once upon a time, in a land far far-

Whoa, Whoa. Hold up. This is my story. A story about a regular girl, just like any number of you out there. There will be no "Once Upon A Time," the time is now. And at the end, there will be no "Happily Ever After," because ever after isn't here yet. But, I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's start in the most logical place- back in the beginning.
There was a grey ceiling on the earth and even the rain had me in dreary mood. So, as I trekked my way up to my room, I thought about everything a rainy day entails. I wondered if Jordan liked me, and when my Geography homework was due.
As I reached the top of the stairs, I caught a glimpse of my former 3 year old self. I had on a bright fluffy pink dress and a plastic tiara. I was a princess in my castle. I was Cinderella at the ball, and Snow White in her cabin. When I got sick of one story, I became someone new. Oh, how I wished life was the simple again.
I turned down the hallway, and into my room. I crawled into my bed and under the comforter, and as my head hit that pillow, I wished an impossible childhood wish. I whispered, "Princess Kadence Ryeleahhe Smith," as I drifted off to sleep.

I was surprised to find the sun shining bright through my window when I woke up. Hair strewn across my pillow, I laid in the bed for a few more minutes.
I became alarmed when I heard scurrying across my floor. I cautiously leaned over my bed and squealed to find my cat, Peppermint, inches from my face.
"Princess Kadence, do hush. You'll alert the guards." Peppermint said.
Awestruck, I groggily rubbed my eyes and sat up too fast, only to have to wait for the fireworks show behind my eyes to end.
"You, Y-Y-You," I cleared my throat and tried again. "You can speak?"
"Are you ill, dear? This is how we begin every morning. I've never seen you so pale."
It was then that I started paying attention to my surroundings. I was in a humongous bed, in a stone room. "This, this is NOT my room." I ran my fingers over the silk sheets.
"I think breakfast and some fresh air will do you good, dear. Do get up, and we'll go on a walk."

After I'd gotten up and dressed, Peppermint led me down the stairs, and out to the gardens.
"They've always been your favorite." The cat said, as she jumped up on the wall to lay in the sun.
"It's so beautiful." I whispered as I looked upon the rows of daises, roses, lilies, sunflowers, and tulips.
I walked down row after row of the most wonderful fragrant flowers I'd ever seen. I stopped once in a while to pick the most vibrant.
I soon had a beautiful bouquet and headed back to where that lazy cat was lounging in the sun. I had just started walking when I noticed a glint of metal.
Intrigued, I jogged up to where I thought the flash had come from, and saw a small metal ring engraved "somnium, credentis." I slipped it on my finger and continued to make my way back.
As soon as I had made it back to Peppermint, I reached out to wake her. As I placed my hand on her sun-warmed fur, I was transported to a different world.
There were rolling green hills. A warm summer breeze blew through my hair, bringing the smell of a recent rain. And then, I saw Peppermint. She and two kittens were chasing brilliantly colored butterflies. I was delighted by the image until I noticed the black spot above one kitten's right eye. These two had not made it through the night. Sobered by the sudden realization, I retracted my arm and left Peppermint to her dreams.

As I walked through my new castle, I tried to recognize characteristics of my old house. I had just gotten to the grand staircase when I heard whimpering.
Moving towards the sound, I finally saw it was my little brother emitting this pathetic noise. I saw he was unconscious. It was nap time, after all. I quickly realized he was in the middle of a vicious nightmare.
Already forgetting my experience with Peppermint, I reached out to shake Isaiah awake.
This time I found myself in a not-so-pleasant place.
"Kadence!" Isaiah screamed. "Sissy!"
I rushed off and quickly found Isaiah cornered by a giant slobbering monster. Mucus was running from his nose, and his navy blue fur was matted in places. I ran to Isaiah.
The disgusting thing creeped closer and closer.
"This is just a dream, Isaiah. A dream, silly boy." I tried to comfort him.
And let me tell you, this kid has a wild imagination, because this thing didn't smell any better than it looked.
"It's just a dream, little prince." I said. "Princes are brave. Like you. Show me how brave."
"I am not afraid." I said.
"I am not afraid." He whispered back.
The nasty thing was slithering in. Three feet away.
"What aren't you afraid of?"
Isaiah looked up, straight at the monster and said strong and clear, "I am not afraid of you."
The monster disintegrated to dust as Isaiah's dreams shifted to a picnic in the meadow and riding his horse Silver. I slowly pulled away from Isaiah's dreams, kissed his forehead, and continued exploring.
I walked on and on and could feel myself getting nowhere. I sat down to rest in the warmth of a sunlit window. I began to scrutinize my surroundings. I didn't remember this hallway. There were big arched stained glass windows. I should have remembered this hallway. The tapestries were beautiful. As I studied one, I noticed as it began to shake. Shocked, I realized everything was shaking. Then the walls began to crumble down.

I sat bolt upright in bed and combed my fingers through my sweat-soaked hair. I got up, out of bed, and headed towards the bathroom. Halfway down the hall, I stumbled on a small plastic object.
"Isaiah." I muttered under my breath as I kicked Silver out of the way.
When I reached the bathroom, I walked forward to the sink to wash my burning red face. I caught a glimpse in the mirror of my running mascara and disheveled hair. I quickly looked down and went to turn on the water. I stopped my hand in midair, surprised to find a tiny metal ring placed upon my finger.
The metal was dull, and engraved "somnium, credentis." I smiled a secret little smile to myself as I headed back to bed.
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