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The house of my childhood





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The house of my childhood
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The most intense memories are not encouraged by eyes but by other senses especially smell, taste or touch. If I experience something the event is associated with the current smell. If I feel that smell later I can remember the experience.

House of my childhood does not exist as a single location. It consists of feelings from various locations inside and outside. The first impression I have connected with pressure on my knees. Cold steel showed me during toddle what the doors is. That fact it was in the thirteenth floor of a block of flats in London I have learned from my parents much later .... a little later memory is connected with an amazing taste of the licked wall. The tongue stucked for a short time but then started slide smoothly as a freshly washed slug. Just as the slug trail on the wall disappeared the wonderful taste on my tongue slowly dissolved. It was the best way how to appreciate the beauty of the plaster behind the bed smoothly scuffed by duvets.
There were tiny pieces of pebble that grew from the wall. It was nessesary to scrape it with my fingernail and smoothed the crater afterwards…one of the most beautiful smells of the world occurred when the first drops of summer rain touched the hot concrete outside nearby the back entrance…

Instructed by intensity of memories from childhood is obvious boot another approach to explore the buildings. So lick the wall at Villa Schminke next time during your visit
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Edgar Allien
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