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Never Been More Alive
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She silently walked down the alley, dreading the alone feeling surrounding her. Silence made her fear everything. Everywhere she looked, she saw nothing but dark, abandoned buildings. Different shadows portrayed different colours and shades of deepened greens, blues, browns, and black. She quickened her steps and breath as well, trying to hurry through to the other end of the alley.
A shadowy figure stepped around the corner quietly, running straight into her. It was a man. A street lamp that was just across the way, dimly lit his face just enough to illuminate the beauty that was with in his eyes. She could see multiple colors almost perfectly mixed in them. His pale skin surrounded blue, hazel and even hints of green that pulsed like light shining through stained glass windows and made his beauty all the more there and noticeable.
Her heart surged, pulsing as if confused. She strangely felt safe with him there even if he was a complete stranger to her. His body had a vibe to it that was seductive but portrayed as sweet and innocent. She felt her body tremble with chills throughout as his presence enclosed around her.
"I apologize." He said with a deep, sexy tone. His hands grasped her arms as he stared at her almost knowingly.
"No... I... I'm sorry." Her voice was shaky. "I should have paid more attention to where I was going."
He gave her a smile and then introduced himself to her. "My name is Kristopher by the way."
"Hi I... I'm Victoria." she responded in a whisper.
"Such a beautiful name Victoria. I'm sorry to have frightened you." His voice had a slight hint of seduction to its tone.
She smiled at him, feeling shy yet very flirtatious. Her heart began to beat more rapidly and flutters pulsed through her stomach.
"It's okay. It's just that I don't like dark places, especially when I'm alone. I still have so far, though, until I get home." She sighed.
"Well," He slightly hesitated, "would you like it better if you weren't alone? I could walk with you."
"That would be really nice. If you don't mind." She smiled shyly.

They walked up to the door of her house, laughing. After almost an hour of talking and walking, she had gotten comfortable enough that she had her arm inter-twined with his as they walked.
"Would you possibly feel like coming in for a drink or something?" She was hoping that he would so she could just have him there. His presence made her feel unusually comfortable.
He shrugged, "Sure."
As they entered through her front door, she threw her coat down on the couch and went into the kitchen to pour some drinks. She walked back into the front room and handed him his glass as she sat down next to him on the couch.
After he had finished his drink, he gently sat the glass down on the coffee table in front of him. "So, where's your family? Surly you're not living here by yourself."
She looked up at him, "Oh! I don’t have a family. I wish I did though. It sucks being in this place alone all the time."
"Sorry." He said. "I just figured that someone like you would..."
"What do you mean someone like me?" She stopped him in mid sentence.
"I mean someone as beautiful as you." He gently grabbed her hand and kissed the top.
She smiled brightly and watched as his kisses slowly went further and further up her arm until he got to her neck. He softly lifted her chin until her eyes met the gaze of his.
She looked deeply into his eyes, hypnotized by the beauty and the uniqueness of them. He leaned forward and began to kiss her. The passion of their kisses enhanced with every second that passed and she could feel the meaningfulness of every kiss as her heart began to fall harder and harder.
He was hypnotizing and seductive. The way his arms caressed her and held her sent chills running through her body. His kisses started once more but this time started at her neck. She felt his vibe rushing through her again as if to say "TAKE ME." She felt his tongue gently slide across her skin as he brought himself to total ecstasy.

Terror struck her rapidly as she felt the venom pulsating throughout every inch of her body. He held her in his arms as she struggled to loosen his grip. Blood poured down his face and clothing as her body got weaker and weaker by the second. She could literally feel her life, soul, and mind being totally drained from her. Soon all she could see was black, and then she saw it...
She saw his eyes once again. Only this time they had a different feeling hidden within them that was barely noticeable. She saw a tear gently roll down his face. Then she saw a fire behind them and then black once more.

He had to dispose of her body somehow. He had to get out of there. There was nothing left for him. He hated himself. He hated that his greatest power and defense was also his weakest point. For every time he fell in love, which wasn't often, his evil side took over and forced him to destroy what was dearest to him.
Who knew that having nowhere to go and no one to love would make being dead be so deadly.
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