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STORIES stories not only about love and friendship


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"Hello, I would like to report a theft," the young lady whispered to the little fatt policeman behind the desk. She was half that he was, not even to tall so she almost get lost in his office."Oh, well than. And what did they steal you, lady? "Asked the policema...
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Far far away at the North Pole there lived a grandmother and grandfather. They had a huge flock of ducks and geese. Once they decided to paint fence around their gaarden to black. Ducks and geese were splashing in the melted snow while one of them slipped and fe...
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Where do all the lonely people go to?It´s dark. Completely. All windows are blurred, all the lights turned off. Even the street lamps not issue its muted, greenish glow. Obscure town waiting for the bombers. Not even a moon doesn’t shine for me. I am passing l...
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He always wanted to see the place where the rainbow starts and ends. It reminds him candy floss from his childhood - the lightness, sweetness and freedom in the sky. He walks hundreds of years ….his shoes are destroyed, feet hurt him. Hundreds of years without food and...
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"I have never wanted to bother you or anybody around me. My life was planned so well. Grow up in the playground with my imaginary friends, graduate with real friends, find a nice girl to marry, to love, to honor. Ensure her and our beuatiful children. Watch hand in hand...
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