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Leo and the lost feather





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Leo and the lost feather
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Leo was a little boy who played at his parent´s garden every day all day long. His mother has gone to work that day so it was Leonard's grandmother who took care of him.

Leo´s grandmother was an old woman with long silky hair, she was full of energy and joy. She came to visit him every day and always played with him. After Leo´s mother left for work he stayed alone for a while because his grandmother had to solve some stuff in the city.

Leonardo was looking for this moment because he had his secret. He had a beautiful white feather hidden in a tree hollow in the garden. He didnt tell about it to anybody and kept it like a treasure.

Feather came from the nearby forest. Leo found it in under a large tree with berries that Leo didn´t know. He put the feather in his pocket and hid it into the tree hollow when they get back home.

That day Leo came to the tree as usual but wasn´t able to find the feather anywhere around! Leo was very sad and couldn´t realise how could that happen. He loved his feather and playing with it was allways like dream. It was always flowing in the wind till it smartly reached the ground.

At that moment he remembered he heard the voice of a bird from that tree while he was leaving the house. He looked up and saw a nest with a bird on the top of the tree.

Leo did not know, but the bird was a magpie. The magpie found his feather in the tree hollow and took it into its nest to use it as a pillow for its young. When the magpie realised Leo was looking up it began to worry and flew away. At that moment the feather began to float and reached the ground in a while. Leo´s eyes glowed like two lamps and he ran to grab a feather. After that Leo hid the feather to new secret place that nobody could found.
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