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Globe Trotter Of Girl Madness





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Globe Trotter Of Girl Madness
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What I did for flying the globe no peace and quiet she’s good listener with her headset if he was anyone to make a bet?? He would throw her off the plane. He seems like the intelligent guy but he clenched his fist in his lap losing it should have been Varsity quickly. Going like a down of a male actor should do frenzied feeling feverish the stewardess comes over. Your feeling like a dog being rolled over Beethoven symphony madhouse girl of 5 with your plate of madness 7 girls of fishes. Thank heavens for French exchange students.

This was not your lucky seven.The plane what turbulence so shaky the plane is going under the hurricane of music thunder. Going to the conferences but seeing too many kid stars of prodigy maybe they have better references than me. You're going insane, on this airplane beyond madness.Like it was his birthday another year pulling out one chosen gray hair what a mad couple pair on Sept twenty-second do we have a second he felt like a DA- Daddy ditty people laughing Penny Wise clown haha well what do you know Christmas Ho Ho another lady Gaga went up in flight her music she will get ya.

What a Moon the college girls full seated. Everyone was spaced out how they pleated and begged for mercy. One mad house Mom of derelicts how we love our cool modern gadgets carry on my man with his madly love cocktail kit sitting next to him the women are throwing a fit.Too much warfare and chemicals what happening in Korea another madness like a bomb going tick sick.

That’s politics Madmen all lunatics at your throat and another birthday of madness aging getting older time goes by your getting sicker. Well, what do you know we have a computer clicker I see a curious George with dick and Jungle Jane girl.And I am on Twitter next to Two other Moms with babysitters.

Like the mad-hatter losing enthusiasm also plane gravity getting to you. You have an addiction you love your sweets those candy shops Babe Ruth swinging the bat near your eyes. What about baby blue Sinatra what puppy eyes at you.You love things all furry but your mind is in fury any human being would feel the rage is this world going so mad please God if your sitting next to me turn to the next page. Those fifty shades of gray for what golden years of wrinkles you see the commercial hot babes with smile whites and dimples.

It's getting to look a lot like the mad rush hour in the City what a pity world of globetrotters frequent flyers board meetings. Those killer wives have too many secrets passion fruit their game of pursuit. What I did for madness around the world in eighty days. Lovers of insults Like Dalmatian Diva looked remarkable cool but her head was exactly leaning like the Pisa. Charging too many things going mad for those boutique sales and he’s the Barney type but your crazier all Mooney tunes your both different how it runs in your family both of you. The same twin blood type head is spinning like spin top your flying and you keep on buying. Your kids going mad with video games like he’s affected with rabies. Mom, you are hearing those crying babies he cannot stop playing or he has the itch. You may have the seven-year itch Miss Marilyn something has to give you feel greatly provoked.

Your husband is at the deep end wanting to choke you. Everything is demented too many funerals you're going mad like you had a cremation burn baby burn. You see the moon Saturn maybe its a sign good one needing so much another hobby creation. You drove to the New Jersey Mall called Freehold feeling Robin Fly everyone looked angry and frustrated. You almost felt like picking up their smiles. You got into candles all you see are witches and crazy mad rituals.You're under a mad spell madly in love is there another plane to take they are always delayed so many people are waiting I feel like theirs a heavy weight upon me like I am dying.

Going from point A- angry to b- bewildered writing in your notebook someone left a note he was madly in love with you.You had your Ostrich feather pillow but your nerves you looked hallow.He gave a big gulp swallow.Your libido flew at the speed of the plane going insane again.They say a spoon full of madness makes the medicine go down in the most delightful day.
People are tense they want to jump off-white picket fence. So Mommy dearest of them all she would get closer to crashing plane fall.Hey, the world we love to read the news but when someones sneaker are up against you madness plays you for the fool. There is no time like flying the coop Another story to hear whats next scoop. Please drop me off.
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